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14 day free trial Promotion

For New Customers Only

Terms and Conditions

The Melon 14-day Free Trial Promotion (“Promotion”) offers a new Melon customer (“new customer”) Unlimited Voice, Unlimited SMS, and 5GB capped Data (“Services”), subject to our Fair Use Policy, free of charge, for a period of 14 days, from activation of the new SIM or eSIM, subject to the following Terms and Conditions:


1. This Promotion will launch on 7 June 2024 (“start date”).
2. This Promotion is strictly for the personal and private use of a natural person, who is a new customer to Melon, being a customer who has not previously acquired or used a Melon SIM or eSIM.
3. The Services provided in terms of this Promotion may not be used for business or commercial use in any form.
4. While the Services are free of charge to the new customer for the first 14 days, the new Customer shall be liable for the nominal delivery fee for the Melon SIM, or in the event that the new Customer elects the eSIM option, for the R5.00 (five rand) verification fee.
5. In the event that the new Customer’s Data runs out during the 14-day period, the new Customer may top-up their Data, using the Melon App, on the terms for Top-Up bundles set out below.
6. This Promotion is run in conjunction with the Melon Unlimited Plans, and is specifically subject to the Melon Unlimited Terms and Conditions, which may be viewed on the App or the Melon Website at
7. Melon reserves the right to change or to terminate this Promotion at any time, based on reasonable prior notice.
8. Melon reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time, provided that, where a change is material, it will be subject to reasonable prior written notice published on its website.
9. Melon reserves the right to limit the Services in areas where there is limited network capacity (high congestion) in order to maintain consistent quality of Services.
10. Melon reserves the right to alter or terminate the Services in order to prevent a catastrophic impact on the network.


11. This Promotion is available exclusively to new customers ie customers who have not previously acquired or used a Melon SIM or eSIM, who are natural persons, and for use in a mobile phone only.
12. The Promotion is strictly reserved for the private and personal use of new customers who are natural persons and is not available, and may not be used, for business or commercial use, in whatever form.
13. Where usage exceeds Melon’s Fair Use Policy as set out below, Melon reserves the right to examine the usage of the Services, in order to establish whether, on an analysis of the usage patterns of the unlimited Services,  there is a reasonable basis to determine that the Services are not being used for the personal and private usage of a natural person, and are being used primarily for business and/or commercial purposes.
14. Where, in the reasonable determination of Melon as set out in paragraph 13 above, it is found that the new customer is not complying with these Terms and Conditions, and is reasonably determined not to be using the Services primarily for personal and private use, or where the Services are suspected of being used for an excluded application or purpose in breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or the express Fair Use Policy set out below, or where it is found that the customer is not a new customer, such customer shall be deemed to be ineligible under the terms of this Promotion, and Melon shall have the right to engage with the new customer directly in order to (a) cancel the free trial under this Promotion; and/or (b) migrate them onto an alternative paid plan that accords with their usage requirements; and/or (c) to immediately disconnect; or (d) suspend the Services linked to a SIM or eSIM of any ineligible customer.


15. This Promotion is not available to any natural person who has previously selected and proceeded with any one of Melon’s paid plans (inclusive of Try Before You Buy promotion), and no customer who has previously selected a paid plan shall be eligible for this Promotion, under any circumstances.
16. At the end of the 14-day free trial period, the new customer shall be automatically moved onto the Melon Unlimited 5GB Plan on a paid basis, the details of which may be found at At this point, the new customer may change their plan onto any of the other paid Melon Plans or build their own plan, as may suit the new customer’s particular requirements.
17. The new customer may terminate or cancel the Services at any time, but where they have continued onto a paid Plan after the 14-day free trial period, they shall not be entitled to a refund from Melon in respect of any unused services for the remainder of the period, or in respect of any estimated usage of the services. Under no circumstances is a new customer entitled to any compensation for any of the unused Services in the event that they should cancel their participation in the Promotion within the 14-day free trial period.
18. By their participation, every participant agrees to be bound to these Terms and Conditions, read together with the Melon Unlimited Terms and Conditions and acknowledges and accepts the terms of the Fair Use Policy set out below.
19. In order to participate in the Promotion, the new customer will need to:
1. Register on the Melon Mobile Website;
2. Complete the on-boarding journey to become a Melon Mobile customer;
3. Select the SIM or eSIM as you may prefer;
4. Select the Melon 14-day Free Trial Promotion, click continue and order the plan (note: if you have previously selected any paid Melon plan, the Melon 14-day Free Trial Promotion will not be available to you).
20. Once the selection is complete, the SIM will be delivered to the new customer at his/her cost, or the eSIM will be verified at the nominal cost of R5.00 to him/her, and once the new SIM or eSIM is activated, the14-day free trial will commence.
21. The new customer will only need to sign in once, and accept these Terms and Conditions, as they may be amended, in order to participate in and enjoy the benefits of the Promotion.

Other Terms and Conditions

22. All of these terms and conditions in respect of this Promotion and the Melon Unlimited Plans must be read in conjunction with Melon’s Standard Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which applies to all Melon Customers, and which is freely available on the Melon website at
23.  The new customer must be registered and signed-up with Melon Mobile and be in possession of a new Melon SIM or eSIM, and follow the process set out above in order to participate in the Promotion.
24. The Services are not transferable and may only be utilised by the Melon SIM or eSIM card associated with the Services, used in a mobile phone by the new customer, who must be a natural person.
25. In the event that Melon terminates the new customer’s Services under this Promotion, due to a breach of these terms and conditions, the new customer shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation of any kind.
26. Melon Mobile does not accept any liability or responsibility in respect of any misapplication of the Promotion, whether by the new customer or any other third party, or any errors that lie beyond their control.
27. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa.

Top-Up Bundles

Top-Up Bundles

Bundle Volumes ("Service")

Price (incl VAT)

1GB Top Up

1GB Data


2GB Top Up

2GB Data


3GB Top Up

3GB Data


5GB Top Up

5GB Data


10GB Top Up

10GB Data


20GB Top Up

20GB Data


30GB Top Up

30GB Data


50GB Top Up

50GB Data


* Data is subject to 30-day expiry.

Fair Use Policy

Note: Unlimited in respect of minutes and texts means that the Service is unlimited, but is subject to these Terms and Conditions, and to use within Melon’s Fair Use Policy:


Fair Use Policy

Melon 5GB

subject to FUP of 750 minutes
subject to FUP of 750 texts

Melon 10GB

subject to FUP of 1000 minutes
subject to FUP of 1000 texts

Melon 15GB

subject to FUP of 1500 minutes
subject to FUP of 1500 texts

Melon 25GB

subject to FUP of 2000 minutes
subject to FUP of 2000 texts

Melon 50GB

subject to FUP of 2500 minutes
subject to FUP of 2500 texts